A Feature Tour of Llama.com

Words Count Here. Literally.

Tons of Topics

Financial, Travel, Retail, Entertainment… The demand gets bigger every year — all those websites popping up like dandelions need someone to provide them with attention-grabbing content. That someone could be you.

Llama.com connects writers with businesses that need your skills. Explore an area that interests you and bring your knowledge to millions of readers. Then get paid for it. Work from home, or in your cubicle when the boss isn’t looking. We’ll deliver as many assignments as you can handle.

Real Money, Real Fast

We pay $10 – $15 for concise articles that provide real value to Internet consumers. And you’ll get your money fast through PayPal — no longer than 1 week from the time we approve your submission.

Our writer network lets you track your articles from the time we receive them, through revisions, and on to publication. Forget about writing for “exposure”; at Llama.com, we believe good writing is worth paying for.

Your Name in Lights (Pixels, anyway)

In today’s world of text messages and emoticons, the ability to create a cogent piece of writing is nearly as rare as spoken Latin. Forget those cautionary tales about writers selling blood plasma to pay the rent spun to you by well-intentioned family members… Your skills are in demand in the business world.

At Llama.com, we’ll help get your byline published at top websites — and get you paid for it. Use your published articles to build a professional writing portfolio, and show the naysayers that all those Lit classes paid off after all.