1. Are you hiring? ^ Top

We’re always hiring! The demand for quality content is constant, and dedicated writers are always welcome to apply on our site. Just click the APPLY button to get started.

2. What are the rates for articles? ^ Top

The rate per article is calculated based on word count and urgency level, and may vary based on the publisher. Each article indicates the attendant pay rate in the assignment queue.

3. Do I earn a higher rate over time? ^ Top

For the time being our pay rates will remain fixed. As Llama.com attracts more business clients, it’s possible that our experienced writers may be able to earn more. But for now, it’s a completely level playing field.

4. Who will see my articles after I submit them? ^ Top

Our site allows you to track your articles’ progress from receipt, through editing and publication. Unless the article requires revisions by the writer, you won’t see the finished article until it’s published.

5. Can I submit photos with my articles? ^ Top

No. Our editorial staff will insert photographs suitable for your articles upon publication. You only need to provide the article text.

6. Where can I view my articles online? ^ Top

Every assignment will contain a specific URL where the articles are intended for publication.

7. Is there a limit to the amount of articles I can write for you? ^ Top

No limit. As long as we’re satisfied with the quality of your writing, you can rest assured there will be more assignments available.

8. Can I ask you to unpublish my articles? ^ Top

Once an article has been accepted and paid for, it becomes the property of Llama.com; therefore, we cannot remove published articles without a compelling reason, such as plagiarism or inaccurate or libelous content.

9. How do you choose your Featured Writers? ^ Top

Featured Writers are chosen based on the quality of the work they submit, as well as adherence to deadlines and the ability to follow specific directions regarding keywords and other requirements.

10. How often will I be paid? ^ Top

We issue payment via PayPal every Wednesday. All articles that have been submitted and approved by an editor will be paid. If you have submitted an article, we make it a priority to make sure it approved before the following Wednesday.

11. What types of articles are available to write? ^ Top

Topics are drawn from a variety of business segments: personal finances, travel, and hospitality are three that regularly require fresh content. Other topic areas, such as retail and education, also are in demand and will be made available to writers as need dictates.

12. If I live outside of the United States, can I still be a writer? ^ Top

Yes, although you will need to be a native speaker of English.

13. If I am not a U.S. citizen can I be a writer? ^ Top

Yes, although you will need to be able to write in perfectly fluent American English.

14. Does Llama.com own my article after I submit it? ^ Top

Yes. After you’ve received payment the article becomes the property of Llama.com. You are free to use it in your writing portfolio, but are prohibited from publishing the same content anywhere else.

15. Can I edit my articles after submitting them? ^ Top

If any of your articles require substantial editing and/or rewriting, chances are we will return the questionable copy to you with directions on what needs to be revised. If the revisions are minor, we reserve the right to make needed edits in-house.

16. How do I claim an article? ^ Top

When you are logged in, from the Writer WorkDesk, select Find Assignments. This will bring you to the article queue containing all current assignments available to claim.

17. How long will I have to complete an article? ^ Top

Once an article is claimed, it will populate into your Work Desk and you will have 5 days to complete it. If your article is not received within 5 days, it will no longer be available to you and will repopulate into the general article queue for another writer to claim.

18. Will I be paid as soon as I submit my article? ^ Top

You will be paid via PayPal on the Wednesday following the approval of your article. If you have questions about a delayed payment, feel free to email us at Support@Llama.com.

19. How does the editorial process unfold? ^ Top

When you submit an article, a Llama editor will review it. Editors may apply revisions to the article or request a rewrite. You will be notified of this request by email and on your Writer Workdesk, and will have 3 days to revise and resubmit. Once your article is approved, it will be submitted to Administrator and payment will be disbursed.

20. Do I need to submit a W-9 form? ^ Top

Once logged in, you will need to supply basic tax information on our electronic W-9 form in the Accounts section. Llama.com will have a 1099 form processed and submitted to the IRS on your behalf.

21. What does Llama.com do about taxes? ^ Top

If you earn $600 or more in a calendar year, the IRS requires that you pay taxes on it. We will send you a 1099 form with all the information needed to claim your income on that year’s tax return.

22. Do I have to write using my real name? Can I use a pseudonym? ^ Top

You are free to use a pseudonym. Whatever you input as your Author Name on the Writer Profile page will apply to every article that you claim.

23. What if I can’t find my question here? How do I contact you? ^ Top

You can simply head over to our Contact page and fill out the form. You can also email us directly at Support@Llama.com.

24. What should I do if I don’t have a Paypal account? ^ Top

Just go to Paypal.com and sign up. All you need is a bank account number and basic contact info. It’s free!

25. I don’t use Paypal. Are there alternative payment methods? ^ Top

No. For all articles assigned through Llama.com, payment will be disbursed through PayPal. If you don’t already have one, you will need to set up a personal account at Paypal.com.

26. How can I find out how much money I have been paid by Llama.com? ^ Top

Once logged in, you can access your Account History, detailing each article’s invoice, payment status and PayPal Reference ID number.

27. Will more than one writer be assigned to a topic? ^ Top

Only one writer can claim any individual article from the article queue of available assignments. More than one writer may write for the same website or category, but individual article assignments do not overlap.