About Llama.com

Ever notice how there’s a lot of writing on the Web, and how an awful lot of it is, well… Awful?

This glaring need for fresh, well-written content has created an insatiable demand from businesses in all sorts of markets: travel, finance, hospitality, and many more. That got us thinking… What if someone could create a kind of matchmaking service for writers — a way to harness the demand for content while helping underemployed scribes put their skills toward a paycheck?

Thus, Llama.com was born.

Our team has been involved with online content in various forms through the years, whether through writing and editing or site development. We all hold the crazy notion that writers should get paid for their work.

The pay rate for articles has varying ranges based on a combination of factors, including word count, publisher and subject matter. You can claim up to 3 articles at a time and can submit as fast as you can write them, so the pay adds up and is paid out just as quickly through PayPal. In other words, we’ll never leave you waiting by the mailbox in the hopes a check that might cover the cost of a latte arrives as your rent comes due.

And now for the question you’ve all been waiting for… What do big, fuzzy obstinate Llamas have to do with writing? We’ll leave that to your fertile imagination.

For more detailed information, please browse the rest of the site.

Questions? Contact us at: support@llama.com